History Of My Dad's Sauce

The Turano children, founders of the family-owned tomato sauce company, are on a mission to share the sauce they grew up enjoying with the world. Inspired by their father Pasquale’s authentic recipe, which originates from his Italian roots, they have brought this delicious sauce to the market.

Pasquale, born in Calabria, Italy, has always had a passion for culinary excellence. At the young age of 21, he opened his first restaurant, showcasing his talent and love for creating new dishes. In 2016, Pasquale’s culinary skills were recognized when he won a competition with Restaurant Impossible, hosted by Robert Irvine.

The Turano family’s tomato sauce is a testament to their commitment to authenticity and quality. Made with Pasquale’s time-honored recipe, it perfectly complements your favorite pasta dishes, pizzas, or chicken recipes. The sauce embodies the flavors of Italy, transporting you to the heart of traditional Italian cuisine.

For the Turano family, their work is not just about creating delicious food; it’s about making people happy. They find joy in crafting new dishes and bringing smiles to the faces of those who enjoy their sauce. With their authentic and flavorful tomato sauce, the Turano family invites you to experience the taste of their Italian heritage and the love they pour into every jar.